Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Renewables Will Not Save Our Collective Lifestyle

  Every so often, I see posts passed around FB gloating about how Germany or Denmark or someplace has met all its electricity needs with 100% wind or solar or something. The implication being that it's possible to maintain our current lifestyle on nothing but renewable energy, with absolutely no CO2 producing fossil fuels.
   I also like to occasionally get out my lance, get on my horse and skewer sacks of straw with the sharp end.
   That argument is today's straw sack, here is today's lance:

   The crucial point in there is the last one: that we are going to have to radically change our living arrangements, give up the notion that everyone gets a Personally Owned Motor Vehicle to travel hither and thither at will, that everyone gets a detached house from with they can drive their P.O.M.V. hither and thither at will, that we can continue to mass-produce throw-away 'consumer' goods.

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