Friday, 22 December 2017

The New Conservatives

Got around to looking at Andrew Scheer's Facebook page and some other material, as presented by him. After all, it's quite possible that Justin Trudeau (the lesser) will manage to get him and his elected as our next PM.

Apparently, the world according to Scheer (as presented to the world) lacks any sense of cogintive dissonance, because he is not trying to be funny or satirical. He is serious:

  • Trudeau is a liar and a cheater (yeah, OK, no kidding). But the Conservatives are not. Really? Do you think that Canadians were all buried under a f*g rock between 2006 and 2015? Harper's Conservatives have to be the most mendacious government we've ever had, by any honest metric. Only by dishonest metrics could anyone claim otherwise, which would, of course, prove the honest metric, wouldn't it. Note that Mr. Trudeau's Liberal government is doing their very best to try and out-do them in the five short years he's actually got.
  • Mr. Scheer loves SF. Well, who doesn't! He is both a lover of Star Trek and Star Wars, so, COOL!

  • His Party fought against the Liberal tax plan that would have broken what Mr. Trudeau, when seeking election, called the "backbone of Canada's economy." Kudos. But so was everyone else in Parliament and most of the country.
    It would have been even better if his own Party hadn't been (and still is) so keen to give Canada over to Trans-national Corporations in the name of trickle-down-on-you economics that was derided 100 years ago and has never failed to do anything except impoverish the majority of people and destroy small businesses.
    So, I call hypocrisy.
  • He seems genuinely concerned about the Middle Class paying more in tax. But he stops there. No actual alternate suggestion for who should be paying the taxes needed to run a country, like, say, those who own or control 75% of the wealth. (OMG! Socialism! Communism! REDS! Coming to steal your hard-inherited stuff!) His dedication to making the super-wealthy even wealthier at our expense is touching. Really.

  • He is very supportive of different religions, like the different variations of Christianity and Judaism. But not all religions. In fact, not even most religions. Apparently, he'd be very happy if all followers of other religions (especially Muslims) would go back to wherever they sprang from and vanish into the earth, that apparently, would be awesome.
Apart from ad-hominem attacks against Trudeau, I see no real difference from, or viable alternative to, the current Liberals economic policies, which is like arguing over who gets to sit in the drivers seat and stomp on the gas as the bus heads over a cliff. The cliff in question is, for those paying any attention over the past 40 years, the accelerating rate of depletion of available minerals and fossil-fuel energy, which is occurring pretty much as described in "Limits to Growth" and which means that no Mainstream Party (and almost none of the minor registered ones) has any indication that they will cope with this fact.
Want an interesting slap in the face from Reality? Look up the daily world conventional (i.e. liquid pumped from a land-based rig) oil production. Find a chart of listing that excludes Condensates. Note that world production of crude oil peaked in May 2005. Condensates, Tar Sands, Syncrude, &c. are all means of extracting oil from very hard-to-get sources that are expensive and require a large amount of energy in and of itself, leaving ever-less for everything else we have been conditioned expect from our economy, such as driving to the mall to buy plastic stuff made in Asia to put in oversized, energy-inefficient, ugly houses in the soul-sucking, suburban sprawl.

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