Friday, 11 August 2017


The thing about Libertarians -- and those of libertarian leanings, the free-marketeers -- is they so frequently turn out to be utter hypocrites.
The Canadian Taxpayer Federation exists as a collection of cranks who absolutely believe that all Government spending is waste and hold as a sacred tenet that private enterprise will somehow not do as it always does, which is, to screw people out of money. (Remember, it's intellectually dishonest sewer from which Mr. Harper, the spendthrift who managed to obliterate a surplus and saddle us with massive deficit, bubbled up.)
So the excuse is 'but it's not illegal'. No, Mr Anti-Government, it's not. But according to you, it's immoral and should be.
Fildebrandt apologizes for Airbnb sublet income, takes leave from UCP finance critic role

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