Saturday, 10 June 2017

Suprise Votes

    Why do I seem to be the only person not surprised by the recent votes in the past couple of years?
    After the Brexit vote, the pundits and talking heads on TV were "shocked" at the outcome. (A very much overused word, I think). After Mr. Trump was elected, a goodly number of people went into a state of near apoplectic rage, and are displaying behaviour of disappointed children, looking for every excuse they can think of, find, or tease out to try and, I don't know, discredit the election? Call a do-over? Pretend it didn't count? Blame a foreign government for trying to do pretty much what the U.S. government has done to everyone else's electoral process for the past 70+ years? Not that the Russians (and before that the Soviets) and Chinese haven't been trying to influence U.S. elections during all this period, it's what great powers do, but suddenly everyone on the losing side seems to think it made a difference this time, because that is a great way of ignoring the blatant corruption on display by the losing side who presented the electorate with a candidate they did not want who represented a status quo they could no longer tolerate.
    Now, after the "shocking" election result in Britain, Ms. Theresa May went from leading a majority Party in Parliament to a minority government and none of the people being interviewed or presented in the various news media, people presented as experts, people who are supposed to be learned on the subject, people whose job is to know much more about this than I do, I who am sitting on the other side of the world, who has time for only passing read-up on occasional news stories, I am not surprised and they are.
    Are these people so locked into their offices, so narrowly focused on their topic that they never look up and look around and see the patterns forming? Is that it? They cannot see the landscape of the forest for the close examination of the bark of the nearest tree?
    Maybe they need to start looking around at the way the world is unfolding and then they wouldn't be so surprised all the time.

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