Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Summer of our Discontent

   This is shaping up to be a very violent summer in North America, more violent than most. Many grievances are coming to a head, the habit of pushing problems off until 'later' has finally caught up with those in power.
   The Brexit vote is being decryed by the political and cultural elite as the result of giving ignorant racists the vote, but this is disingenuous, because every time one of those working class people observes that their standard of living has not risen in the past 30 years, and for a significant fraction it has declined, jobs have either disappeared or become scraps to fight over and then questions the wisdom of bringing in more unemployed immigrants, they are instantly labelled and dismissed as racists by the people whose policies created the immigration flow problem in the first place. The people who have profited mightily from the off-shoring of jobs and undercutting of the working classes.

   The failure of the powers that be to enforce their stated mandate of equal treatment to people who are obviously different, their tacit acceptance of bigotry in the ranks of the police and other front-line employees of the state is now reflected with the "Idle no More" movement, and the "Black Lives Matter" [too] movement and their increasing frustration at the failure of the status quo to address this issue.
  There are some important pieces, notably this one: about the damage done by not vigourously enforcing standards of behaviour. Bad behaviour corrupts by discouraging good behaviour. After all, if someone can do something obviously bad and get away with it, what is my incentive to hold up my own standards? Furthermore, those at the very top have been behaving very badly for decades now and the internal proletariat are losing any incentive to maintain the social order.
   What happens next is chaotic, violent, and oftentimes destroys the political entity.
   So the Republicans are about to nominate a racist, misogynistic demagogue and his corporate-lacky as their candidates for POTUS. The Democrates are presenting a representative of the status quo for their choice, a status-quo that is failing most Americans. Across the world, 50 years of U.S. meddling in other nations affairs has created a backlash of frustrated, raging young people who have wrapped themselves in the righteousness of pseudo-religion and who are wreaking terror and havoc across Eurasia.
   This is becoming an exceptionally violent summer and the heat has just started.

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