Saturday, 23 January 2016

Comedian Politicians

It occurs to me that there is a meme going around that we are now listening to comedians and laughing at politicians.
Maybe if we paid more attention and got more involved, which, by the by, doesn't involve much more than sending letters and letting your voice be heard by those in authority, then we'd get better politicians, instead of the ridiculous crop of fools now vying for the President of the U.S., or for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, for example.
Perhaps if more people sent letters to the editors and publishers of papers & TV shows, many of the idiotic commentators they keep paying on staff would not have a platform to keep spewing their fantasy nonsense about the world.
But, then, again, those papers and TV media outlets have done a massive disservice to the world over the past 25 years by pretending that there are two sides to the climate disruption issue, instead of accepting that there is 95 parts to one side and 5 parts to the other... and those other 5 dissenting parts are not credible. Then we might not have the pretence of Paris pseudo-agreement to maybe get around to doing something, now that it is far past too late for any meaningful, effective action. 

But, instead, we get commentators who still try to convince us that trickle-down economics (a funny phrase by Roy Rogers talking about Herbert Hoover's response to the 1929 market crash that hearalded the Great Depression of the 1930s) is actually a viable economic system despite all evidence to the contrary. We get, on the flip side, insistence from die-hard socialist commentators (and crypto-communists) that their equally absurd Robin Hood economics will work, despite ample evidence to the contrary. Meanwhile everyone is kept completely convinced that proven-effective systems, like Georgist-economics, cannot possible work -- because that sort of system really would curb the out-of-control industrial captialism that is destroying our world at ever-faster rate and thus cut right into the wealth of those who profit from the current system, and their counterparts.
So we get the circus that passes for political debate and comedians on talk shows are left to point out the absurd mismatch between reality and the ideas seriously adopted and proposed by those who should be leading us.

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