Thursday, 8 May 2014

Our Political Layout

The Conservatives are not really conservatives. They are now merely an agglomeration of social bigots and greedy, laissez-faire-economic liberals.
The Liberals are dedicated to Business As Usual (at least usual for the anomaly that has been the past 100 years) and manage to not quite achieve what they say they are trying to do.
The NDP still think Robin Hood is an economist, aim high and shoot low, hitting the productive middle class and missing the real ultra-wealthy oligarch-parasites.
All three major parties are seriously out of touch with reality. Sadly, they are elected by a people who are also out of touch with reality, people who never understood where our wealth came from and don't understand why it's going away.
The Greens at least acknowledge the twin predicaments of climate disruption and critical fossil-fuel depletion, but most are still trying to delude themselves that we can somehow keep living this same lifestyle without the massive energy inputs of fossil fuels.

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