Thursday, 16 May 2013

Neo-Conservatives Disgust Me

Conservatives since the days of Lyin' Brian Mulrooney have become the Party of Hypocritical, Greedy Scum. However corrupt the Liberals under Jean Chretien were, they at least provided some material benefits to Canada while skimming off the top (or under the table in plain brown envelopes).
First Duffy was never an honest reporter. He ignored facts and threw about politically motivated accusations even when unwarranted and never retracted a single one when later proven wrong, but he's crying like a child because the opposition is asking legitimate questions about his real malfeasance? Are all modern conservatives such cowards? Apparently.
Further, he splits that hair about residency so thin you couldn't see what's left under a microscope. Has he even ever been to PEI in the past few decades? Like Pamela Wallin who hasn't been in Saskatchewan since she started on TV.
Now just "gives back" the money, oops, heh heh.. sorry 'bout that... no bad no foul! Wrong! You got caught defrauding the public and you blame the opposition for making a fuss? Remember 2003 and the whole "Shawinigate" crap you howled about? And it isn't even out of your bank account, it's paid for by the PMO and I find it incredible that Harper, who insists on controlling everything down to civil servants public statements, had no inkling that his two good friends were doing this behind his back.
And now it just gets uglier and uglier.
It's not that we find these guys are corrupt -- most politicians are, because most of us are (Really? You never checked a payphone to see if there was leftover change? Ever?) -- but these guys made punishing criminals the core part of their identity as Righteous Crusaders for Honesty. Now they brush aside criminal behaviour, theft, fraud, and graft to a degree that makes the Liberals -- about whom they screamed incessantly like a flock of gulls, and who responded with a full and open public inquiry -- look like pikers by comparison.
What dismays me is that there are a huge number of people who would be conservatives by Burke's description, but who think they have no one else to vote for and that's why these <expletive (deleted)> get elected at all.

addendum: yes, I'm well aware that Senators are appointed, not elected. Harper was elected. His caucus was elected. Harper appointed Duffy. Work it out.

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