Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Global Climate Crisis

Well, awareness of the crisis is finally seeping into the bubble chamber.
David Frumm posted an editorial piece on confronting the reality of global drought in 2012.
TEA partiers are upset because they are finally forced to confront the reality that their wealth has gradually eroded over the past 30 years without really understanding why. They never understood why they had it in the first place, so now they cannot understand why it's fading. The cheap plentiful oil that allowed them all to have personal cars and drive wherever they wished on the merest whim, to jet around the planet, and have all manner of luxury goods and entertainment and an easy lifestyle to which no one should become accustomed started to end in 2003 when the price of oil started to rise inexorably as demand surpassed supply. But they don't know this; instead, they assumed their wealth was because Americans believe, just like the people of every other empire before them believed, that they are somehow divinely appointed to be the ne-plus-ultra of humanity.
If losing a few luxuries gets them upset, Now it will really start to get buggy. Meanwhile, the Republiclowns -- fact-free since 1980 - pandered to the basest, most venal segment of their voter base, but the closest reality got to the RNC was a hurricane that -- literally -- stole their thunder. Everything else was a fantasy-land fairytale, complete with Clint Eastwood interviewing a chair for laughs.
David Frum is right, there is no serious conservative movement left in the U.S. because most so-called 'conservatives' have decided to reject reality.
It began with trickle-down economics and faith-based market systems that any student of history can show has never worked as advertised. Ever. Under any conditions.
Jimmy Carter was the last president who told Americans the truth, that they need to cut back, that they need to contract; they really, really didn't want to hear it, and so the Democlots have been running from reality, too, ever since Reagan and  the Morning in America Show came rolling into town, and they've been kidding themselves ever since.
Canada is no better, because, as a not-yet-sucked-dry client-state of the American Empire, we are still well-enough off to enjoy prosperity, although the mismatch between what the big three parties claim and what people observe about our economy is starting to become more apparent.
The fantasy of continued economic prosperity has worked to keep everyone believing, but only in the way that a dry-rotted building looks solid… until one day it isn't. But it doesn't collapse like a demolition, it sags, slowly, a bit here, a bit there, eaten away over time, slowly, until one day the droop becomes noticeable. The edifice is still there, long after it is unusable.
In the case of the U.S., the forms will be around long after they are no longer really functioning.
2012 may well be a date of a calamity, but not the fantasy Mayan-end-of-the-world cataclysm, but rather the year the crops failed and massive starvation swept the globe, instead of just East Africa.

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